Ninebot Segway T15 Scooter


Segway-Ninebot T15 Scooter

The stylish design is made up of an aluminium/magnesium alloy body for ultra lightweights coupled with a retractable handlebar up top so it’s easy for you to fold up and move about with when you’re not riding the scooter itself.

After all, it is built to withstand city environments. The ergonomic make of the handlebar allows you to steer with ease and comfort.

You can also connect your smartphone with the Segway-Ninebot T15 through the Segway-Ninebot app which offers information on the vehicle, the ability to customise ambient lighting of chassis as well as perform firmware upgrades. The brushless motor controller offers additional motion control with its cutting-edge technology during low-voltage and high-voltage use. So you can ride the T15 scooter safely and comfortable.


Now, don’t get it twisted. Just because this baby is compact, doesn’t mean its performance lacks the punch that was offered in previous scooter models. Powered by a 250-watt motor hub, you can ride it up to a top speed of 20km/hour, even on inclines of up to 15 percent!

To the front is an LED headlight and RGB light strip, and there’s LED lighting to the rear. The rear fender/brake multitasks as an on/off switch, selection of one of four ride modes and to control the lights.

Its radial hollow tires provide maximum comfort on hard surfaces with better shock absorption when you hit the road hard. The tread pattern design provides extra grip on smoother pavements and stability when navigating through town

On top of that, at maximum charge, the built-in Li-ion battery caps at a distance range of 12km per charge. The 6-axis sensor can automatically detect when you’re not active on it and switches of the power to conserve battery life. This is all thanks to the Battery Management System equipped in this model.


180° Foldability

Retractable Handlebar

4 Riding Modes

Bezel-less Dashboard


Front & Rear LED Light

Cruise Control

Fender Brake/Fender Brake

Bluetooth Connectivity


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