Ninebot Gokart
This is the first generation on the evolution of Ninebot mini pro or Ninebot S Pro to Gokart, in 2019 Ninebot Segway introduces a new Gokart add-on for Ninebot Mini Pro or Ninebot S Pro, and with this addition we are able to bring excitement to customer all around the world with the latest conversion to Gokart from our patented technology for self-balancing vehicles.
During the launch we are able to attract a huge amount of attention especially to the Gokart enthusiast community which are now currently very active in Gokart races. In many car events especially BMW, Ferrari club and Lamborghini club owner’s collaboration during 2019 we are able to strengthen Ninebot Gokart to many communities in Malaysia.
Ninebot Gokart has a top speed of 35 KM per hour and a range of around 18KM for track usage, Ninebot Gokart has been a success since its launch.

Ninebot Gokart Pro
During July 2020 Ninebot Segway then upgraded their first generation of Go kart to Gokart Pro, Go Kart Pro has a top speed of 37 kilometers per hour and 25 KM range, besides that the sound system of Ninebot Go kart Pro is impressive as users can select up to 4 engine sounds available. The engine sounds will intelligently follow the user’s usage during the user’s acceleration or breaking. With Ninebot Gokart Pro Bluetooth link to the Ninebot Go kart Pro system users have a live feed sound systems which integrate with the Ninebot Gokart pro engine to generate real life racing experience sounds.
Ninebot Gokart Pro has a couple of modifications which enhances with feel and looks, with the additions side fender, front fender and rear spoiler, users will get to appreciate the beauty of Ninebot Gokart pro latest product during our launch in July 2020

Ninebot Gokart Lamborghini edition
Final quarter of 2020 has arrive and Ninebot Gokart Lamborghini edition has arrive, Ninebot Gokart Lamborghini edition has the same specifications as Ninebot Gokart pro, however with the additions Speedo meter installed, yellow Lamborghini color and design, users have the Lamborghini experience when using the Ninebot Lamborghini Gokart during races.
Every products has a special design with Ninebot Gokart Lamborghini editions, this is the finest design and quality Ninebot Segway has to offer to the market. Ninebot Gokart Lamborghini editions latest model has never fail to excite Gokart users in the market. Purchase directly from Ninebot Malaysia Sdn Bhd official store with original Ninebot Warranty.