Ninebot Segway Malaysia FAQ

Why are products sold in other online stores cheaper compared to the Ninebot Segway Malaysia Original online store at http://shop.ninebotmalaysia.com.my/

This is because most products sold online are from non-authorize sources which might be selling non-original units, clones or duplicates, without warranty and without after-sales support in the event of any repairs or services.

Ninebot Segway Malaysia does not service or support non-original Ninebot Segway Products which are not purchased from us directly


Does Ninebot Segway Malaysia still support the product after the warranty has ended?

Yes, Ninebot Segway Malaysia still support original units purchased from us directly after the warranty period has ended. As long the units are purchased from us we can support them.


What are Xiaomi Products compared to Original Ninebot Segway Products?

All Xiaomi Ninebot products are only sold in the China market, not the international market, there is no warranty after sales and spare parts support for these products in Malaysia market. 

The specifications and performance Xiaomi products are very low compared to the original Ninebot Segway Products which are sold worldwide.


Are Ninebot Segway products waterproof?
Most of all our products come with an IP54 International standard water resistance. However, this does not mean its waterproof. It is not recommended riding in heavy rain conditions or flooded area. All our products can drive on wet surfaces and do try to avoid puddles or water.


What can do configure with My Ninebot Segway Application?

It is recommended to download the application as certain products do require activation using the application. The application is available in Android or Apple platforms. Configurations on lighting, speed, and security are available for customization of certain Ninebot Segway Products. Do contact us at 013 3333743 for more information. 


If there free delivery for Ninebot Malaysia?

All products purchased from us have free delivery around the Klang Valley


How can we know if there is new Ninebot Segway products or promotions?

Please do follow on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/NinebotMalaysia we will always update our events, promotions, and discounts.


Do you have a showroom or service center to try Ninebot Malaysia Products?

Yes we have a showroom and service center it’s located in

No. 3, Jalan Taming 2A,
Kawasan Perindustrian Taming Jaya,
43300, Balakong, Selangor

Alternatively please just type “Ninebot Malaysia” in Waze or google maps it will guide you to our service center and showroom

Did Xiaomi Buy Ninebot Segway?

No, Xiaomi is just an investor in the Ninebot Segway Company. Xiaomi does not own Ninebot Segway and does not interfere with Ninebot Segway products. Products which Xiaomi produces are not the same with Ninebot Segway and have lower or different specifications.

How to assemble Ninebot?

For the assembling procedures of Ninebot, please strictly refer to the Instruction Manual and install the part of new car. Please click here to download the electronic edition of the Instruction Manual.

How does Ninebot provide maintenance service?

We provide a maintenance card with the car, there noted detailed maintenance terms and the contact information of maintenance and service of your new car. There’s the maintenance effective date and the contact information of the vendor signed by your vendor on each maintenance card, the items as above could be referred if the maintenance service is needed.

What’s the difference between Ninebot and the imported brand Segway.

Ninebot is a brand independently developed and manufactured in China, a completely independent intellectual property right and own technology. Compared with imported brands, it has great advantage on price, but its quality and service can be completely comparable with imported brands.

What’s the difference between Ninebot and electric bicycle?

Ninebot is a tremendously popular technological and fashionable tool for riding instead of walk in the world, driving which can give you the feeling of cool and flexible. Ninebot can do in-site 360°rotation, can shuttle and turn in a very small space.

What’s the speed of Ninebot per hour?

The max speed per hour of the model C of Ninebot could reach 18km/h, the model E could reach 20km/h, and the model T could reach 22km/h.

How long will it take to be fully charged?

For the model C and E with standard batteries and chargers, it will take about 4~5 hours to be fully charged. For the model T with high capacity battery and quick charger, it will take 3~4 hours.

How many kilometers could the fully charged Ninebot run?

The fully charged model C and E of Ninebot with standard capacity battery packs can run about 20~25 kilometers. The fully charged model D with high capacity battery pack can run about 30~40 kilometers.

Is there any requirements of the driver’s height for driving Ninebot?

To drive Ninebot the driver’s height should be no less than 1.40m and no more than 2.1m. The taller or shorter may affect the security. The standard equipped operation bar of Ninebot fits drives of the height 1.6~1.9m. If your height is lower than 1.6m or higher than 1.9m, we suggest you choose our small-sized or big-sized operation bars (users can choose the operation bar and it should be bought individually).

How about the security to drive Ninebot?

Seen from the design, processing and actual performance, Ninebot products are safe enough for daily driving. But there may be some security risks if use it exceeding the design requirements. Please drive strictly following the content in the chapter of safe driving guide in the Instruction Manual and wear safety gear to protect the safety of you and others to the maximum extent in this way.

What are the precautions of driving Ninebot?

(1) Get to know and comply with local laws and regulations
(2) Put on the safety gear before driving, including helmet, knee pads, palm pads, and elbow pads.
(3) Check whether it is charged to avoid long-distance running when the electric quantity is less than 60%.
(4) Check the basic condition of Ninebot, including whether any exposed parts are loose, lost, or damaged, whether it sounds or the alarm sounds when driving.
(5) Keep yourself in a good state before driving, please don’t drive after drink.
(6) Please don’t drive in the places where are not suitable for driving, such as deep holes, cracks, slopes of more than 20 degrees, poundings with the depth of more than 3cm, etc.
(7) Pregnant women, patients with heart diseases, personnel with limited capacity are forbidden to drive, it is forbidden for two people or more to drive one at the same time, and children under the age of 14 should drive Ninebot accompanied by guardians.

What conditions are required for agents to join?

For the question about agents to join, please consult online, via phone or use our enquiry form.

Is the color of vehicles could be customized?

Currently Ninebot only provides one type of standard matched colors: matte silver+ porcelain white+ semi-translucent blue. If you want to change the color, please choose and buy the color suite individually. If customized coating and configuration in large volumes are needed, please consult with the sales personnel of Ninebot.

What are the configurations for options?

In the future our configurations for options include external charger, standby battery, vehicle headlamps, fenders, car ladder, side luggage racks and trunks, and all kinds of tires and gears.

How to clean the vehicle?

We firstly recommend you to use high pressure air (the air pump blows) to clean Ninebot, you can also use fresh water to spray-wash the surface of Ninebot. (Note: don’t use the high pressure water torch in the carwash to spray-wash; it may cause malfunctions in Ninebot.) If the plastic surface of Ninebot is scratched, you can directly use the fine sand paper to polish and make it be bright as new.

How long can people be skilled in driving after buying Ninebot?

Common people generally need 1~3 minutes to master driving Ninebot, perhaps need several days to be skilled in driving. The disk of Product Manual and Instructions are provided with the car, please read the Product Manual carefully before operating it with the guidance of the disk and accompanied by others. If you rent Ninebot in scenic spots, please read the Safety Notice and accept the guidance of the coach on scene. We believe you can master and be skilled in driving Ninebot soon.

Should the Ninebot I bought be licensed?

Ninebot, according to the laws and regulations of China, is managed as non-motor vehicle. So it needn’t to be licensed, but it is forbidden to drive Ninebot into motorway and the highway.

What’s the core technology of Ninebot?

Our main core technologies are: dynamic balance technology, natural attitude control technology, dual-redundancy hot backup security technology. Around those core technologies, we have a number of patents and software copyrights.

Can Ninebot run on the motorway?

No, it can’t, it can only run on the non-motorized vehicle lane.

Why are there some Segways cost thousands yuan on the market?

Different core technologies and safety performances lead to different prices meanwhile bring huge differences in product performance, driving experience, and security. Please have a trial in driving and feeling all the products and compare by yourself for the most meaningful reference.

Why we do not support or sell Ninebot Segway parts to non-customers?

Due to the high volume of unauthorized imports available in the market, we could not identify which specifications of the unit are. Adding to this, there are many duplicate Ninebot Segway Products available in the market which cannot be fixed even with our original parts. The original parts will only work with our original machines purchased from Ninebot Malaysia Sdn Bhd or Eco Pro Technology Sdn Bhd. Please do contact us at 013 333 3743 for more clarification.



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Showroom & Test Ride

Eco Pro Technology Sdn. Bhd.
Menara Simfoni,
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Balakong, Seri Kembangan,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Office & Service Center

Ninebot Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
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